We exist to put People First and Innovate Together

We’re committed to slowly building and nourishing a strong culture that promotes learning, creativity, kindness, and mutual trust and respect. We know that talented individuals can contribute a lot, but we believe that when they collaborate and innovate together, the results compound.

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Two men using a pool table with blue felt in a large office space, next to floor to ceiling windows.
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We work in small, collaborative teams on ambitious projects that add real value

We encourage everyone to take ownership of their work, ask questions, understand what the business needs, debate ideas and experiment. Innovation relies on experimentation. If you can make a case for the radically new, we’ll pursue it and provide the support to take it from prototype to production.

We have a long list of stuff we’d love to do and build, as well as a growing business and infrastructure that deserves our attention and focus. We work through everything we want and need to do, making sure that we prioritise and discuss trade offs often so that everyone is on the same page. We don’t believe in structuring our business in a way that creates rigid hierarchy or stops people from making an impact - we prefer to keep things flexible. We share ideas, learn and pivot along the way so that we keep our entrepreneurial and collaborative culture alive.

Quadrature employee working at table
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Learning & Development

Deep, career-defining, impactful, long-lasting learning happens through the work. Solving problems, researching, debating opinions, spotting insights, anticipating what’s needed, collaborating, leading a project, coordinating work across different people, mentoring and teaching... these are all the best ways to learn, and they’re all a core part of how we work.

In addition to this, we work hard to create a culture of learning through regular Townhall meetings (where we share updates and host talks), a monthly Speaker Series (where we hear from interesting speakers from all walks of life), free books and membership with the How To Academy. We also support individual development through workshops, development programs, personal coaching and funded study.

Our Tech Stack

Tech isn’t a department that supports the business - tech is core to our business and sits front and centre of what we do. Our technology teams collaborate closely with our research and operations teams to develop the software and infrastructure we need to promptly turn ideas into reality.

We make our proprietary systems high performing, scalable and intuitive. Our trading is entirely automated and we look to bring automation to everything we do. Our software is developed in C++, Python and Rust and we embrace open source software. As a business we have travelled from using Linux on a few machines we built ourselves, to scaling out to thousands of servers for research, simulation and testing, all coordinated by our own grid scheduling system.

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We want to build and grow a successful, inclusive business that we can all be proud of. We believe that diversity is a critical part of this. We aim to remove barriers so that people with different experiences and from different backgrounds see us as somewhere they’d love to work. A significant concern of ours continues to be the lack of women in finance and technology. We are also concerned about the barriers that exist in our industry for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. We actively try to address these imbalances in our industry through education, events, charity partnerships and focused recruitment activities.

We work closely with partners to help address the imbalance through education, and run regular events that encourage young people to see a career in tech or finance as a viable option. Our partners include Teach First, The Access Project, Stemettes and St Giles Trust. Feel free to get in touch with us should you wish to use our office space to host a student or professionals event that aims to achieve the same goals.

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