What we do

Founded by programmers in 2010, we’re a growing tech business made up of kind, friendly, talented people. We partner sophisticated data with powerful technology to trade in a way that’s impossible for humans, and look to bring automation to everything we do.

We are market neutral and trade securities globally, taking both long and short positions, based on predictions made by statistical models fed by market and other data.

Our long term vision is to trade all liquid electronically tradeable asset classes across all horizons to generate consistent, significant returns on our proprietary capital.

This is our vision, but it's not our purpose…

Who we are

We originally started our business because we wanted to work on really interesting problems with people that we enjoyed spending time with.

We have worked hard to build an environment where evolution is constant, we’re always moving forwards, people like working together and we all look out for one another. We’re committed to slowly building and nourishing a strong culture that promotes learning, creativity, kindness, and mutual trust and respect. These beliefs are as true today as they were when we started.

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Quadrature Climate Foundation (QCF)

Established as an independent entity in 2019 by Quadrature Capital Limited, QCF aims to tackle our most urgent issue – the climate emergency. Never before has our environment, our planet, and our species faced such a global crisis that will permanently change the course of our future. We are on course to breach multiple critical tipping points that will cause irreversible damage to the human and natural world. Urgent action is needed.

QCF’s mission is to unlock the critical solutions needed to avert and manage the worst climate impacts, especially for the most vulnerable people and ecosystems. We strive for a climate resilient future for all, where innovation and progress open up choices for how we want to live, in a way that is safe and sustainable for our planet. QCF uses in-depth analysis and research to identify high-impact areas that are unexplored or underfunded, building science-based strategies that go through rigorous field engagement and peer review. We apply this approach to three possible ways to address climate change: reducing levels of GhG emissions; removing GhG emissions from the atmosphere; and supporting vulnerable communities to manage and respond to inevitable climate impacts.

QCF is fully-funded by Quadrature Capital Ltd, and operates as an independent charity governed by the Charity Commision.

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