Our Vision

Our vision is to build the Ultimate Automated Trading Business.

We see a future where Quadrature trades all liquid electronically tradeable asset classes across all horizons to generate consistent, significant returns on our proprietary capital.

The technology we’re building is based on modular components shared across as many of our trading strategies as possible to maximise impact. The highly automated nature of our systems will mean that our people can focus on the most meaningful creative tasks, working collaboratively across all parts of our business to add value.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles influence the decisions that we make and how we think about our work. These Principles act as our anchors - they remind us of what’s important.

Finding and keeping the best people

People are at the heart of our business, and we do all we can to create a culture people both enjoy being a part of, and where they can flourish and grow.

Maximising opportunities

Many businesses consider this to mean maximising short-term profits. We don’t mean that - we focus on opportunities that support the long term growth, health and success of our business. Reliable, sustainable revenue is more important to us than short-term gains.

Automating repetitive activities

Automating what we can frees up our time to work on new and innovative projects, so we like developing tools that optimise everyone’s workflow. Whilst we can’t automate everything, and sometimes there are trade-offs that mean we need to prioritise where our efforts go, we highly value this work and make room for it wherever possible.

Embracing robust processes and technology

We aim for quality and scalability in everything we do, not just in tech. We’re pragmatic, but we don’t just hack things together - we build things to last and sweat the details.

Our Values

Our Values provide the foundation upon which our business is built. They support our vision, shape our culture and reflect the personality of our people. They are the behavioural traits that are inherent in our business - the traits that are special to us, critical to our success and must be kept at all costs. We created these values to describe what was important to us, but you can also look at them through another lens and see them as opposites of the things we try to avoid.

7 - Our Values


We’re friendly, considerate people that treat others well. We look after and are generous with one another, offering others help when they might need it. We’re honest, act with integrity and treat others with respect. We are fair and compassionate with people, which might mean saying something a little difficult sometimes - like giving honest feedback - but we do this because we want to help others. We understand that acting in this way means that trusting relationships can be built, and it makes a collaborative, supportive environment easier to achieve.


We acknowledge our limitations, accept help and are comfortable saying ‘I don’t know’. Businesses can unfortunately be environments where egos thrive, but we try to avoid that here. We instead assume the position of learner - we like to learn from those around us and we don’t act like we’re the smartest person in the room. We are honest about what we can’t do, and humble about what we can do. When we’re given advice, we receive it gratefully. We treat people who know less than we do with respect and patience. We share the success for team accomplishments and we don’t place blame.


We’re passionate about the business, care deeply about its health and success, and treat it as our own. We apply pragmatism to our thinking and are focused on getting the results that are right for the health and long term success of our business. We do whatever the business needs us to do, such as taking risks with new ideas, putting the food delivery away, or rolling up our sleeves to help out a different part of the business. We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve how we do things, and see incremental improvement as critical for meaningful long term growth. We understand that failure is not only learning, it’s essential for innovation, so we don’t try to make things ‘perfect’ before they’re ready. We take a broad business view, work hard to understand the wider business landscape and consider the consequences of today's decisions.


The key to success isn’t just the work itself, it’s the way in which people collaborate in order to do the work. We’re happy to work closely with others to share ideas, share tasks, share success and share failures. We are all one team working towards the same goals, not lots of small teams working independently. We spend time mentoring and supporting those around us, seek input from others, are open to feedback and we ask for help. When we spot something that needs improvement, we mention it, even if it’s unrelated to our work. We blend our Quant and Developer roles together for this reason - we want ideas to flow naturally. We understand that having a collaborative environment means more ideas, better problem solving, more learning and better relationships. Put simply: we achieve more together than we do on our own.