QCF exists to provide financial support to people working to help urgently reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere

Our principles help guide how we do this...

  • Collaboration – foster shared knowledge and efforts
  • Urgency – achieve near-term progress on climate
  • Dispassion – focus on impact, underpinned by solid analysis
  • Leverage – find the interventions that can catalyse systems change
  • Experimentation – tolerant of failure as we seek to scale successes

At this stage we are receiving applications from invited applicants only, due to limited capacity. We are inviting applications for work outside the UK, however, at present we are not prioritising work focused on North America.

Please check back for information about the people and ideas we are funding, which we will be adding soon. For now, below are a few examples of our current work.

58 - Focus


Founded in 2015 and based in Brazil, MapBiomas is a multi-institutional initiative involving NGOs, universities, think-tanks and technology companies. They are dedicated to developing the most advanced and detailed time series of land cover and land use change maps in the world, to support and advance sustainable management and conservation of natural resources (initially focused on the Amazon, but expanding to other countries in the Tropical Belt). The initiative is based on cloud processing in the Google Earth Engine to generate and calibrate empirical and statistical methods. All data and maps are publicly available and free.

QCF is supporting the development of Mapbiomas’s core work and the Mapbiomas Alert system to support action against illegal deforestation. Learn more here.

Many hands together on top of each other

Campaign Bootcamp

Campaign Bootcamp (CB) is a charity that supports people from marginalised communities to run effective campaigns that challenge injustice and inequality. Their vision is a world in which people impacted by injustice have the tools and skills they need to challenge it and win solutions.

We are supporting the expansion and growth of Campaign Bootcamp’s work, including scholarships for environmental campaigners. Learn more here.

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The Global Cooling Prize

The GCP launched in November 2018 to invite innovators from around the world to develop more efficient residential air-conditioning (RAC) technology in response to the growth in demand that has seen RAC units worldwide grow from ~0.8 billion in 2010 to ~1.1 billion in 2016 (source). The prize seeks to incentivise, demonstrate, and scale innovation to solve the challenges of RAC energy consumption and refrigerant pollution. Newly-developed RAC technology that meets the requirements of the prize would be a world-first, and have the potential to affect global standards. Runners up were chosen in November 2019 and are currently developing their two prototype RAC systems, which will be assessed in a technical pilot in India in 2020.

We are supporting the final stages of the competition and the important work to ensure winner’s solutions make it to market.

Our Grantees

QCF’s work has a global focus. To trusted leaders, we consider large-multi-year, unrestricted grants